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COVID-19 + Flu A-B + RSV: PCR Testing

Detect 3 highly transmissible viruses the same day you are tested.


Rates below are the cost of testing per person at your preferred work, home, or event location. Additional GoLab mobile lab base rate of $250/hour applies, depending on your group size.

COVID-19 + Flu A-B + RSV: PCR Testing

Same-Day or Next-Day Results


99.99% Sensitive, 100% Specific

"Gold standard" test for detecting all 3 highly transmissible viruses, even early in viral infection cycles before symptoms may have begun.

How Sample Is Taken: Gentle, lower nasal swab test performed by our experienced Registered Nurses for highest accuracy

Wait Time For Test Results: You will receive an email and text message alert from GoLab as soon as your lab report is ready.

  • Same-Day PCR Results- must be tested before 12pm, results by 11pm

  • Next-Business-Day PCR Results- can be tested anytime, results by 11pm the day after testing

Best for:

  • Diagnosing and preventing outbreak spread of COVID-19, Influenza A+B, and RSV viruses- which share common symptoms and are highly transmissible

  • Outbreak response testing or preventative screening at work sites

  • Outbreak response testing or preventative screening before meetings and events

  • On-site testing at conferences and conventions for symptomatic attendees

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